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Healthy Eating:
  • My Food Guide {Canadian Government}: I prefer this to the US site. Both allow you to put together a personalized food plan, but I find the Canadian plans are more user-friendly. They give serving sizes in units that mean something to the average person {in cups for example, as opposed to ounces}.
  • MyPyramid {United States Government}: One advantage the US site has over the Canadian is having the option to include the fact that you are breastfeeding an infant {but not a toddler} in your personal information. However, if you use the Canadian site just know that pregnant/breastfeeding moms just need to add 2 healthy servings to their recommended food guide.
  • The Calorie Counter: This is the website I use to count calories for food items without nutritional labels such as fruit and vegetables.
  • Calories Burned Estimator: One of many calculators available online that you can use to estimate how many calories you'll burn doing a given activity.

Especially For Moms:
  • Kellymom: This is my favorite resource for breastfeeding information. It has an entire section on weight loss for nursing mums.
    More Coming Soon

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