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Food For Thought

So, last night before I went to bed I decided to count the calories I had consumed that day. I don’t plan on counting calories every day {too much work and I know I’ll just give up all together}. I was just curious. What I discovered shocked me. I had over 1000 CALORIES MORE than I need per day! @_@ I consumed about 2820 calories. I need anywhere from 1500-1800 {the excepted range for breastfeeding mothers who would like to lose weight without affecting supply}. So, um…yikes.

It was the pizza and donuts that did me in. I could have eaten just as much food of another type and probably not gone over my caloric needs. But the pizza and donuts were so high in calories that even though I didn’t completely pig out {at least not compared to how I normally eat} I took a big hit.

I guess we can think of our caloric needs like a budget. You might have $200 to spend on a shopping trip. But if you buy the designer purse you won’t have room left in your budget for pants and a jacket. If you buy the Target purse for $25 you still have plenty for other items. You’re getting more without paying more. Food is the same way. In exchange for ONE honey dip donut from Timmy’s I could have FIVE clemmies. And a clemmy at least has some nutritional benefet {vit C for example}.

Just some food for thought.



  1. But .... but ....... the donuts are SO MUCH TASTIER. Why can't I have five donuts?!

  2. I did 1 minute free weights for your comment.

    I think clemmies can be just as tasty as donuts, but there's something so satisfying about BREAD products. *nom nom nom*


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