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Morning/Afternoon Food Journal


  • Special K w/skim milk
  • 1 glass water w/Benefiber
  • 1 cup green juice
  • 2 pieces toast w/mixed berry jam made w/WW bread


  • 1 no-fat yogurt
  • celery w/cream cheese
  • 1 cup Knorr Tuscan Bean Soup With Sweet Basil and
  • 1 piece WW bread toasted {to dip in my soup}
  • 1 glass water


  1. I noticed there wasn't any fruit in your journal so far. Is there a reason? Maybe too much natural sugar?

  2. There's actually fruit in the green juice. And I have fruit almost every morning with breakfast and fruit as a snack and fruit in my yogurt. I love fruit. It's a great way to have something sweet without blowing your calories for the day.


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